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Using a storage cabinet in an attic can be the ideal way to tidy up and organize what is often an unused space. Although many people simply use boxes or old cabinets to organize their goods, there are many cabinets made specifically for storing items within an attic.

Attic storage cabinets are made from a variety of different materials. With wooden and light metals available, plastic is the most popular due its lightweight and ease of cleaning qualities. Attics are renowned as dusty areas of the house and therefore any storage units should be able to be cleaned with a damp cloth, which can be done with plastic perfectly.

Although storage options are available for attics, low to medium level units are the most popular with people who do not have an attic conversion. In general, the lower the cabinets are, the further they can be placed into the eves of the attic, allowing for more open floor space. If the cabinets are also deep as well as being low, this is a great bonus as it allows for more items to be stored easily away.

Many craftsmen will, If need be, create a cabinet that is built from a specific plan, meaning it will fit into the owner's attic perfectly. More expensive than a mass produced attic storage cabinet, they are guaranteed to fit into the attic space required and assembly is often included in the price paid for the unit.

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing is the weight of your unit. Unless an attic conversion has been carried out or the ceiling below has been reinforced, the unit should be as light as can possibly be. Furthermore, due to their often large size, self assembly should be preferred as pre-built models may not fit through some attic hatches. Plastic versions fit both of these requirements perfectly, as being lightweight, they are regularly sold to assemble at home, which is a very easy process as they more often than not simply click into place.

As the majority of attics, due to the roof, only have the middle area as useful floor space, there are many companies who have created different types of storage to combat this. For example, there are units available that are almost triangular in shape, with a large front and sloping roof, allowing them to be fitted into the eves of the attic perfectly. Although effective, consideration needs to be taken into how much weight is placed in these cabinets, as a lot of people do not have flooring in the attic, except for the center section. If possible, flooring should be laid underneath any storage cabinets to disperse the weight evenly.

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Attic Storage Cabinets

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This article was published on 2010/04/02