Organizing storage space

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Organizing storage space


Storing household things can be a stressful task and usually we start putting everything in the garages. But organizing storage space is important otherwise you will end up living in a mess.

There are few tips for storing stuff in stores or garages:


  1. Give away or sell the items you haven't used in a year or more.
  2. Placing bikes are one of the hardest things to do. You can hang them from the wall on a nice looking rack.
  3. Never store things in places where you move around like in the garage near the cars.
  4. Make high shelves to utilize maximum space for storing stuff.
  5. Put stuff like lawnmowers, wheel barrows and yard tools in the back yard in a shed or shelves.
  6. Store the dirty shoes in a rack off the floor this will prevent the dirt to get into the house from the front door.
  7. Don't put any clothing items in the garage otherwise they will get dirty and can also get lost or forgotten.
  8. Keep everything off the floor so that ants and insects don't get in.

These ideas can help you get your home in order and make your life comfortable and organized.

Another important thing is to locate wasted spaces and use them more effectively e.g. under the stairs there is great storage place for things like vacuum cleaner, tool box, sewing kits and ironing boards. There are usually many wasted spaces in the kitchen. Find appropriate places for putting things more effectively.

You can even have bookshelves over a sofa that can hold as many books as a bookshelf making room for other things in place of the bookshelf on the floor.

When you have identified waste or underutilized spaces you can design and build new shelves and storage space there and very soon you will gain room for nearly everything you want to store. By organizing storage space can really make a significant difference in your home.

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Organizing storage space

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This article was published on 2010/10/12