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Mini- Warehouse (Mini storage) management software is a common warehouse material management software can be widely used with various units of goods, supplies , materials, daily mini- warehouse management and financial Invoicing accounting . Mini- Warehouse (Mini storage) data management system provides the goods , receiving unit Yuan / customers, shipping units / suppliers , departments , mini storage, staff data and other information management , goods out Mini Storage When receiving the goods and the / requisitioned goods , you can through the storage register preparation of documents , income cargo details and summary statements. send and receive deposit Summary accounts through this feature to check a certain period of of all the goods out of storage aggregate , inventory number and amount of is the standard send and receive deposit summary reports.

Mini- Warehouse (Mini storage) to set is simple ah ! but note that the actual business situation generally only need to set the finished products, semi-finished products , raw materials , etc. and then the other as needed to set , mainly according to the material attributable to set stocks classify according to material The actual classification of to set . This to the time that is convenient statistics mini- warehouse , but also to facilitate material a mini- warehouse with the storage requisitioned material, if it is different mini- storage, will be divided into more than one , that time would be more trouble.

Storage of materials card is a mini warehouse ( Mini storage ) The existing material physical cards, top recording material name , origin , code , unit , price , specifications , materials , storage bits and other information , while with storage, a library of materials , dates , handling of people , inventory information, statement of accounts Single . Also called " materials -site off . " Storage of materials Card is materials management standardization an important characteristic of .

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This article was published on 2010/09/28