Trim and shape up with managed storage

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We are always needing to clear up more room for space on our devices, but enterprises rarely consider shaping up their network storage.

Getting your storage fighting fit can prove a tough challenge. There are numerous considerations to take into account and steps to put your space through before it will be the best you need it to be.

Our training tips:

Cut-out the CAPEX:

Buying storage in big amounts will give you plenty of room to manoeuvre, but it will also knock your budget.

It is hard to forecast specifically when you will need it since it depends on how rapid you get through it.

Your capacity could fill in sooner than 6 months, or even a year, and you can quite often not even see it coming.

Making the switch to managed storage means you pay only for what you actually use on a monthly basis, never too much or too little

Not only will it cut costs, Managed Storage also allows you to be more agile!

Hard disk or flashy storage?

And now businesses left with a newer choice of storage type: traditional hard-disk drives (HDD) or flash solid-state drives (SSD).

Hard-disks are traditionally known to be reliable, while flash SSDs are super quick.

Comparing flash SSD and HDD

With managed storage you will be assured you can get the best storage for your specific needs. Do you need solid, reliable archive storage? then get hard disk drives. Do you need super-quick-access and heavier usage storage - get flash SSD.

Managed storage offers the option of both SSD and HDD, one or the other, or even combination of the two with a hybrid, giving you the best approach and solution for the situation.

It can even provide you with the experts to advise on a bespoke, best fit solution for your computing and application requirements.

To be win is only 10% in person: Get with desktop virtualisation

The immense benefits of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is becoming increasingly apparent to implement in enterprise.

The ability for any of your staff members to be able to work out of the office on their own devices or a native desktop dramatically helps increase productivity as well as enabling the next generation of mobile users work.

The real challenge for virtual desktop infrastructure providing flexible room to the virtual!

Managed storage can help out here too.

With speeds challenging the norm, native, infrastructures with the capacity to handle high traffic or 'boot storms' (in the morning when everyone turns on their devices creating a slow network), managed storage is a perfect fit for virtual desktop infrastructure setups.

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Trim and shape up with managed storage

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This article was published on 2013/10/22