Use a Cloud Storage System for Your Important Files

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It seems that almost everyone is spending a lot of their time acquiring tons of information and files even though they know that their computers may not have enough storage to hold it all. This is when cloud storage options are useful.  Many computer owners invest in a back up computer, purchase larger hard drives, or external storage devices like CDs or thumb drives so they will no longer need to delete their precious files just to make room for their new data.




Compared to traditional data storage solutions like those mentioned above, many people find cloud storage much more convenient and flexible than these traditional storage systems.  When you use a cloud storage system, you can access your files from any computer that is connected to the internet.  You may even be able to access the files from your mobile phone depending on the service that you choose.  There is less risk of your data being lost for numerous reasons.  First, most cloud storage services take great care of their computers.  They are generally stored in temperature and humidity controlled environments.  Second, a cloud storage service is never going to lose their computers, but you might stick your external hard drive or thumb drive somewhere and forget where it is.  Third, if your office or home gets robbed, one of the first things that a burglar will go for is technology.  If you have sensitive information stored on your hard drive or backup computer, your identity could be stolen.  If you use cloud storage service, than your data will still be safe.  Many cloud storage companies have not only a secure location, but a security team that monitors their computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



However, cost-wise, cloud storage services are, over time, more expensive than buying a new external drive or computer.  Most cloud storage services charge monthly cloud storage fees instead of the one-time cost of purchasing external storage.  These fees are generally based on how much storage you need and can vary widely between different companies.  Some companies even offer unlimited storage plans and other robust feature sets as part of their cloud storage packages.



While it may seem to make financial sense to use the cheapest company you can find, make sure to research the companies thoroughly since a more expensive company may have more secure storage or better customer service.  It is also a good idea to run some calculations on how much cloud storage would cost for you taking into account your actual storage needs and usage.  If you are going to be using a lot of space, it may make more sense to use a company that has unlimited storage.



Bottom line is if you need reliable data server management or cloud storage services that have the ability to deliver you more advantages than traditional storages, or something that will allow you to access, edit, save, or retrieve your data in any location, then go and get yourself a good cloud storage service.



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Aaron Mitchell owns and manages a software company.  He uses offsite backups in a secure data service center to ensure that his information is always available when he needs it, and he encourages others to back up computers regularly using a secure service.


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Use a Cloud Storage System for Your Important Files

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Use a Cloud Storage System for Your Important Files

This article was published on 2011/11/11